Why Wooden Pallets Are Good For the Environment

Wood pallets are very sustainable and are mostly produced from specially-grown trees. This means that deforestation and similar environmental concerns are not typically caused by pallet manufacturing.

Instead, trees are planted for the sole purpose of being cut into lumber which is then used in new pallets, making pallets a renewable and green resource. Additionally, the majority of pallets are now made from softwood species, which grow quickly and can be replenished easily.

You can read more here about wooden pallets.

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One of the greatest strengths of pallets as a packaging platform is the ease with which they can be repaired. Unlike metal or plastic pallets, wooden ones can be damaged or broken but affordably and quickly fixed.

Deck boards can be replaced, stringers can be repaired and most pallets are used multiple times before coming to their end of life. Pallets are so repairable that there are many suppliers, like Pallet Consultants, that specialize in their repair and reuse. Not only are wooden pallets easily fixed, but they also have a similar weight capacity to new pallets yet cost a fraction of the price!


After pallets have been repaired multiple times they’re then recycled into other products. Wooden pallets appear to be one of the most recycled supply chain packages available, with over 95% of pallets avoiding landfills according to a Virginia Tech research project.

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