What To Look For When Hiring A Painting Contractor In Vancouver

Commercial painting contractors are experienced and skilled to perform painting tasks well. Whether painting a house or building they know how to utilize training and tools to execute the task. Through this article, you will get to know some important things that can help you to hire the best and #1 commercial Painting contractor in Vancouver


Residential painting contractors specialize in interior and exterior painting. Industrial painting contractors who specialize in large projects such as office buildings, large multi-family complexes like apartment buildings.

A typical 3000 square foot house would need around 15 gallons of paint, ranging from $40.00 per gallon to $10.00 per gallon for greater paint. Now keep in mind that it doesn't include things like paint for trim work which will cost you an additional $80.00 to $320.00 for paint only.

Request references about recent jobs where they've been painted so that you can confirm the work performed so that you are not partially stuck together with the painting job, which you could have done yourself for very little cash.

We always suggest getting a minimum of 2-3 bids from painting contractors so you are able to ensure that everybody is fair and honest on pricing.  Pricing will ordinarily be within a couple of hundred bucks unless one is away on a bid or other painters are trying to make a few dollars extra at work.

You have several options in the search for a painting contractor. You can assess the newspaper from Yellow Pages, Super Pages, Google Local Business Listings on the net or by illustrators who can advertise in the local paper by you.

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