What To Expect On Annapurna Circuit Trek?

The Annapurna Circuit is a challenging trek that takes you up to the highest mountains in Nepal. The trip begins with a journey from Kathmandu, the capital city, to the small town of Phakding. From there, you'll be hiking on trails that take you to the base of Annapurna I and II. These peaks are some of the most iconic in all of Nepal, and they offer stunning views of the Himalayas and Annapurna Base Camp.

Once you reach the base of Annapurna II, you'll have a choice to make. You can continue hiking up Annapurna I or descend back down to Base Camp. If you choose to climb Annapurna I, be prepared for a strenuous hike that will take around 12 hours. If you choose to descend back down to Base Camp, you'll be able to enjoy beautiful views of Everest and other mountains in the area.

Trekking through the Annapurna Circuit is an amazing experience that will leave you feeling exhilarated. Whether you decide to hike up Annapurna I or II, be sure to visit https://followalice.com/adventure-trips/annapurna-circuit . Once you arrive at Base Camp, take a group photo with your trekking partner and make sure to share it on Instagram or Facebook for the world to see!

In Nepal, trekking is a popular activity that involves walking at least 3 hours a day in order to reach the summit of a mountain. Trekking through the Annapurna Circuit will take roughly 4 to 5 days and will require you to hike up 13,000 feet above sea level while traveling through lush mountains. Trekking is best-done solo or with just one other person; however, if you choose to go with more than one person, they must also be experienced hikers.

If you are interested in trekking on your own but would still like company during your journey, sign up for our private treks with guides! All of our guides are certified and are fully trained to lead groups of trekkers safely and comfortably through the Annapurna Circuit and beyond.

There are many people who have successfully completed the Annapurna Circuit, however, this is not a journey for everyone. The trekking route requires you to climb up 13,000 feet while traveling through dense forests, sometimes on steep terrain. Because of its length and difficulty, most travelers tend to stay within their own groups during their treks through the Annapurna Circuit. However, some brave few choose to go it alone or with just one other person; so if you are interested in attempting to hike through Nepal’s Annapurna circuit but have never traveled outside of your country before we highly recommend you to research online.

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