What Is Tongue Tie?

Our tongue is connected to the base of the mouth using a group of tissue called the lingual frenulum. This problem is referred to as tongue-tie.

Tongue-tie can cause difficulties in breastfeeding the infant. There can be related to many problems as the child develops. You can opt for a tongue-tie release from https://lexingtoncosmeticdentistry.com/service/co2-laser-lip-tie-tongue-tie-infants-ma/.

The kid may also face physical issues such as being not able to clear the food off onto the teeth using the tongue because its movement is limited because of the brief ring of tissue.

The main reason behind tongue-tie is usually not known, rather often it’s hereditary in nature. You may find it running in the families. Some infants may also have other facial flaws such as a cleft palate that might result in the problem.

Diagnosing the status of general dentists would do a complete physical examination of the infant’s mouth by taking the help of a cosmetic surgeon.

Actually, some signs may be evident to the mother like difficulty breastfeeding the kid. The doctor also assesses the mouth and movement of the tongue to reach a result. And after that, they suggest a treatment.