What Is Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Employers have legal obligations to ensure employees have a safe and secure workplace. Part of creating a safe environment requires eliminating sexual harassment, which is sometimes easier to say than done. The line of what constitutes workplace sexual harassment can be blurred – what one employee considers a harmless gesture another might perceive as an unwanted sexual pass.

To get all employees on the same page about what sexual harassment, the best employer is served to provide their team with an effective employee training course on workplace sexual harassment.

What is sexual harassment prevention training?

Training is used to educate employers and employees about sexual harassment and what type of behavior cannot be accepted at work. Although some inaccurately believe that an action must be abusive or criminal to constitute sexual harassment, the reality is that any uncomfortable or unwelcome sexual advance is considered sexual harassment. Training on this topic helps ensure your entire team understands this.

While some countries have special requirements for sexual harassment training, all employers must overcome this problem through a combination of interactive training (eg, video, presentation), open dialogue and ongoing complaint process. Entrepreneurs in several countries are required to provide interactive training in which employees learn through examples of real worlds and open dialogues.