What can cause ball of foot pain?

Our lives can be frenzied and we are constantly moving and we're also getting motivated to do more exercise. This frequent movement will place an enormous amount of strain on our feet. Commonly we can easily obtain relief from standing by taking the weight off a foot that is more painful than the other foot. Sitting yourself down can provide instant relief. What happens when the pain moves to the ball of the foot? How will you find relief from ball foot pain? Ball foot pain is the painful foot disorder which might happen in the area ahead of the toes. It is usually a frequent foot condition. Ball of foot pain impacts the bones and joints of the feet. The region that is affected is called the metatarsal region for that reason ball of foot pain can also be called metatarsalgia or could be due to a plantar plate tear. We can realize that the most pain occurs just near the 2nd, 3rd and 4th toes. Sometimes however ball foot pain is isolated nearby the big toe.

The key reason for ball of foot pain occurring is a result of our wearing the incorrect kinds of footwear. Shoes which have a narrow toe area, particularly women’s shoes, forces the ball of the foot area to become deformed. This tiny amount of toe space can inhibit the walking process and it may also lead to severe pain in the front in our feet. Ball of foot pain is very painful and sometimes one of the metatarsal heads (the cushion ahead of the toes) becomes irritated. The inflammation takes place due to too much force put on that region over a longer period of time. In ball of foot pain it is common to experience acute pain along with chronic and recurring pain. Some other reasons for ball of foot pain are very high heel shoes, high impact activities that are done not using any supporting footwear and foot supports as well. Additionally getting older is an additional factor in ball of foot pain and this can increase the risk for a plantar plate tear. In this instance the cushion in our feet which is near the toes become thin. This atrophy of the fat pad in the metatarsal spot might also result in ball foot pain.

In order to cure ball of foot pain you must know what is causing the pain. Any footwear with pointy toes should not be used any longer. Also using shoes with high, wide toe spaces and a lower wedge heel cuts down on the pressure on the foot and stops ball foot pain. Other ways of relieving force to the ball of foot pain can be done in a number of ways, particularly if it is due to a plantar plate tear. There are various foot care goods that can be used to help relieve ball of foot pain. Foot supports which are created to minimize ball of foot pain will usually feature a metatarsal pad. The shoe insert is manufactured in order that the metatarsal pad is put just behind the region of the metatarsal to ease the pressure in the foot. Other items that you can use are gel metatarsal pads and metatarsal strapping.

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