Wearing Face Masks At Home To Reduce Coronavirus Risk

No one would have imagined what 2020 will bring. We are only in the first quarter of this year, and we have seen more people dying than ever. Coronavirus is a highly contagious disease which was first reported in Wuhan, China, on New Year’s Eve of 2020, and has now spread across the globe. Medical professionals believe that it will take years before a vaccine will be made against this virus. So, what to do then?

Well, we have to live with coronavirus for some time now. So, we all must take preventive steps to reduce the infection rate of coronavirus. Maintaining social distancing, washing hands frequently and wearing a face mask can help in the reduction of coronavirus infection. If you don’t have a protective face mask, you can buy disposable face mask online.
Wearing a mask is important and studies have shown that not only one should wear it outside the home, but should also wear it inside the home.

Why Should One Wear Face Mask Inside Home?

The government made wearing face masks in public compulsory. The earlier government agreed to WHO or World Health Organisation, who in their guidelines have stated that face mask should only be worn by a sick person and by people who are taking care of that sick person and medical workers.
However, there are studies now that have proven that people are getting infected by their family members. The same study has shown that wearing face masks in the same house before symptoms emerge was 79% effective at curbing transmission.
All in all, wearing a face mask inside the home is equally important as wearing it outside the home. However, the World Health Organization and Public Health England still state that wearing a face mask is not mandatory and haven’t endorsed the wearing of face masks indoors or outdoors as they think there isn’t enough evidence to support the idea. They still believe that social distancing and frequent hand washing is an effective precautionary measure.
Face masks should be made mandatory as it protects us from getting infected with coronavirus, as these masks have a tiny hole, that filters out small aerosol particles to come inside your mouth or nose.