Understand The Dangers Of Asbestos

Like other major cities in Australia, NSW is increasingly aware of the dangers of asbestos and is focused on its safe disposal. Asbestos is a common building material used between the 1940s and 1980s. It is widely used because of its fireproof and insulation properties. 

Unfortunately, asbestos has been shown to be a very dangerous, tiny fibre that can easily enter the body and cause life-threatening damage. Testing for and removing asbestos is important to keep your family safe and avoid health risks. You can check the asbestos home examination cost from various sites over the internet.

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1. Mesothelioma

This rare form of cancer can develop in the lungs and inner chest. Apart from being a risk to workers, this disease can affect family members and other partners, material that is transmitted between people through clothing.

2. Lung cancer increased incidence of lung cancer is directly related to workers who have worked with asbestos regularly throughout their careers. Apart from the bronchi, this cancer is also known for the regular development of the trachea and air sacs of the lungs.

3. Digestive tract tumours

Due to their microscopic properties, asbestos fibres can easily stick to food and drinks. Undetectable to the human eye, when they settle inside us they can cause various problems in the digestive tract, as well as in related areas such as the kidneys and large intestine.

4. Asbestosis

This inflammatory condition can develop chronically after inhaling and holding the fibres. These problems are directly related to long term exposure to the material and sometimes do not occur for years or even decades.

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