Things to Consider When Hanging LCD On Wall Mounting

Hanging your LCD or plasma TV on the wall looks great, eye-catching, and saves space. This is our guide of things to consider before installing a wall TV.

A wall mount is vital for hanging your TV. Just buy a wall mount from the pros; This is NOT where you save cash, you will need it to become powerful. You can also get the benefits of TV wall Mounting services via .

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Cables can be hidden without drilling holes in the walls, for example by hiding them behind curtains or by placing a cabinet or other furniture on the floor under the TV. Sometimes this is a device to store your gear, like a DVD player and Sky / Freeview box, and also a vase or photo frame on top can disguise the monitoring cables.

Hiding cables is perhaps the most difficult problem with wall-mounted TVs, but you have many options.

– Cover the cables with a decorative cover. The boxing will hide the wiring and may be painted the same color as the walls.

– The cables can be laid down or up the walls (hidden with an ornamental cover or not) and then hidden behind the skirting boards. This is not recommended as it is complicated, the wires will remain visible until they hit the socket, and their concealment will pose a hazard if forgotten and punctured or cut.

If you use this method on almost any wall, you will need to check for existing wires that could be in the walls before you start drilling. Whichever method you are using, be sure to buy cables that are long enough and a little longer in the case.

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