The Best Graston Techniques in Pickering

The Graston technique is a relatively new system that is popular among professional athletes. It contains specially designed tools that can be used to rehabilitate damaged muscles, tendons, and joints.

The Graston technique is a procedure to relax the soft tissue with a tool. It is a unique treatment that targets and treats soft tissue restriction that contributes to common conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and sprains and strains in muscles/joints, etc.

Most patients are not aware of these treatments, so it is the responsibility of the chiropractor to educate patients about the potential benefits of the Graston technique. You can get more info about Graston techniques to relax your body muscles.

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Relieving pain, as well as reducing the severity of the chronic disease, allows the patient to feel better and manage the condition. These are the main advantages of the Graston Method.

Graston technique uses six stainless steel tools of various sizes and shapes to accommodate the many contours of our body parts. The instrument is skillfully moved against the skin with minimal but sufficient pressure to identify areas of muscle adhesion, scar tissue, and trigger points.

A typical visit to Graston starts with exercise, stretching, ultrasound, or hot compresses to warm the treated area.

Skin redness is very common and in some rare cases, the patient will notice easy bruising in this area.

Treatment time is usually 30-60 seconds per zone, followed by stretching and passive modalities. Minor discomfort is often observed after treatment. Applying ice to the area should reduce this discomfort.


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