The Benefits Of Beetroot Powder + Nutritious Beetroot Recipes

Beets are particularly useful for maintaining heart health because they contain a lot of nitrates. According to a 2008 study in the medical journal, Hypertension, ingesting beetroot can help to significantly lower blood pressure. 

Since high blood pressure is linked to strokes, dementia and cardiovascular disease, the ability of effective Beet-root powder to lower blood pressure can be life-changing.

The ability to lower blood pressure is not the only heart-healthy benefit associated with beetroot powder. The nitrate supplementation from beets also helps blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body more effectively. 

This leads to more endurance during exercise and higher oxygen levels in the brain. Overall, more oxygenation leads to better physical and mental performance. For example, athletes who took beets before they ran or biked in one trial had a 2.8 percent shorter time.

Another helpful nutrient in beetroot powder is alpha-lipoic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant. In general, antioxidants help to reduce inflammation, minimize oxidative damage and decrease cancer risks. Medical research has found that alpha-lipoic acid is particularly good at managing diabetes symptoms. 

This antioxidant helps the body to heighten insulin sensitivity, so eating sugar does not cause as many problems. People with diabetes who regularly consume the alpha-lipoic acid found in beets are less likely to develop the nerve damage and numbness that severe diabetes can cause.

In addition to being used for diabetes and heart issues, beetroot powder can also be used to treat dysfunction. Though many people worry that this condition is caused by diminished virility, it is actually just a problem with blood flow to the reproductive areas. Since beetroot powder is so helpful for increasing circulation, it can be effective at managing some dysfunction issues.


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