The Beauty of Floral Preservation

We could say that preserving flowers dates back to ancient Egypt. Flowers, still bright with color, have been discovered in Egyptian tombs. Even though their meaning has changed over the years, flowers have always symbolized a form of beauty, memory, or tradition.

In today's world, we use flowers for wedding bouquets, memorials, and special holidays throughout the year. Millions of dollars are spent at florist shops. For example, $72 million was spent at online flower companies for Mother's Day in May 2000.

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That figure only represents one holiday and doesn't include in-store purchases! So if it is true that flowers have always been significant in everyday life and death, and today's Americans invest large amounts of money into their purchase, would it not make sense to preserve one's investment and memory? Floral preservation is an art of both the heart and mind.

Let's talk first about the heart. In our hearts, we desire to cherish loving memories, many of which include flowers. Our first prom or homecoming dance involved a corsage and boutonniere. Marriage is full of flowers, from the wedding bouquet to centerpieces on the tables. When we lose a loved one, sympathy comes in the form of bouquets and flowers. And in between these events, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Sweetest Day, recitals, and awards are all filled with flowers.

This being the case, it only makes sense to preserve memories by preserving flowers donning the occasion. Gazing at our preserved wedding bouquet framed on the wall is wedding preservation.

Memories of walking down the aisle and dancing at the reception may come flooding back. A beautiful design of preserved flowers means much more than regular home decoration. It encapsulates our past, keeping memories alive of special moments and people.

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