All About Sewage Treatment And Management

Wastewater is water that has been affected by outside human influences. It can be comprised of liquid waste from commercial properties, industry, agriculture, and domestic residences. Sewage is wastewater that has been contaminated by human excrement and is also often used to describe any type of wastewater.

Sewage treatment and waste water management techniques are used to eliminate waste and wastewater contaminants. You can check out sewage treatment at

Aerial view recirculation solid contact clarifier sedimentation tank

The technique involves physical processes, chemistry, and biology and are important in creating a secure environment waste for disposal or reuse.

A lot of waste is collected using gravity sewers, power, manholes, regulators and the lift station. Waste is then conveyed to the water treatment plant by using a system such as the local sewers, combined sewers, ditches relief among communities, interceptor sewers, automatic regulator and pumping stations.

Use of this system ensures the waste water safely transported to the wastewater treatment plant where it then can go through the treatment process.  The treatment process consisted of two treatments: a primary treatment and secondary treatment.

During the primary treatment dirt, sand and other solids removed. However, there are solids that have been abandoned, so that secondary treatment (using a biological process) is used to remove the remaining solids. After the completion of this treatment, safe water is released into rivers or lakes.