Effective Methods For Purifying Your Drinking Water

In the past Boiling is the main technique used to get rid off harmful contaminants from water. This process will not only remove many harmful pollutants, it still can be used to kill bacteria when there is an outbreak of disease.

Distillation is another method used in the past but like a reverse osmosis system that demineralized water. Yet this is the kind of well-established water filtration. You can check out water filtration bottle via various online resources. 

A glass of water macro shot

Water purification techniques are still marketed and aggressive, but today a lot of people have become much more aware of many of their shortcomings. Demineralized water has been known to cause health related problems because it takes away the essential minerals such as calcium and potassium from the water. These minerals are needed by your body for ideal performance.

Moreover, this type of water purification techniques such as reverse osmosis can not get rid of many harmful pollutants. Because their filters are based on old technology, pesticides, lead and some of the chlorine still get into your drinking water. If you want to get rid of all the contaminants and minerals are still intact, then the activated carbon filter may be the answer. The best use of dual cartridge system and ion exchange remove 99% of the main toxins.