Thumb-Sucking: Tips to Break the Habit

As parents, it is important to find the right balance for our children when it comes to thumb or pacifier habits. Forcing them to quit too early can create unnecessary stress. However, if they suck on their thumbs for too long, it can cause significant oral health problems.

Sucking on objects is a reflex babies develop before birth that can be very comforting to them. there are some shortcuts that you can be used to remind you. One option is to purchase a thumb sucking devices online.

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Sucking on your thumb or pacifier will make you feel safe and happy during the first few years of life. The benefits of thumb or pacifier suction at this stage include helping you sleep better, staying calm, and reducing your risk of SIDS.

Tips for breaking the habit of thumb sucking

Problems biting and aligning teeth are less common with pacifiers, as parents can easily remove the pacifier if the child doesn't break until the age of three, but your child is approaching six and still sucking the thumb. Here are some safe strategies you can use:

  • Instead of scolding them for continuing to suck their thumbs up, praise them for their success.
  • Create a reward table so they can see what progress they are making and what they are working on.
  • Keep your hands and mind occupied with activities such as making crafts. Sometimes they suck their thumbs out of boredom!
  • Remember, this strategy is best for kindergarten and older children, not young children! Young children are too young to understand why they should stop sucking their thumbs.