Truck Driving Job For You?

If you think that driving a truck is as easy as driving a car or light vehicle, then you should think again. This job requires the right skills and training to allow professional drivers to safely maneuver any size trucks possible.

Truck driving is considered one of the works with potential revenue of up to $ 100,000 a year. This is according to MSN Money Central. Indeed, with the consistent growth in the trucking industry because of the high demand for goods transport, commercial drivers have every opportunity to land in high paying jobs. You can get team truck driving jobs from

This is regardless of whether they work for a company or they are the owner of the truck itself works as an independent contractor. But while a professional driver can always choose to be a commercial truck driver, this job is not for the faint of heart.

First, a man who needs to drive a large vehicle must not only conform to the physical but also must be mentally and emotionally stable. It is not enough that the person is healthy though helpful if one is not hungry before leaving for a long trip. He should be someone who is strong enough to be able to maneuver the truck and congratulated the goods to their final destination.


On the psychological aspect, truck drivers must be sane and emotion while performing their duties. Vigilance is essential when on the road in order to avoid accidents that could affect other vehicles and passengers and even pedestrians. This entails able to focus on the road straight ahead and at the side and blind spots.

Being in a stable emotional state is important. In other words, one should remain calm and patient while driving the truck in spite of the traffic problems that may be encountered along the way. There is no time to be angry and impatient when you are a truck driver because it can affect your driving.

The qualifications necessary to become a fully-fledged truck driver is CDL training. Known as a commercial driver's license courses, training programs are offered at a truck driving school. Schools truck, however, may differ in the type, of course, they offer for professional drivers.

Tips to Get a Truck Driving Job

Truck driving fast becoming one of the fastest-growing careers in the country. The commercial trucking industry is expected to see a shortage of more than 200,000 drivers over the next ten years while the economic demand for services trucks is expected to increase substantially.

Because of this estimated shortfall, the company now offers a better truck than the previous wages, benefits, and schedules. Sound interesting? Here is how you can become a commercial truck driver.  

It may not be a formal requirement or mandatory, but you have to finish high school or earn your General Education Development diploma (GED); you will find that most of the trucking company wishes to hire high school graduates. You can get truck driving jobs in VA from various online sources.


A tainted driving record might get you the job you want the truck, thus preserving a clean record. Every DUI conviction or moving violations could prevent you from being hired. If you have some sort of confidence, misdemeanors, or felonies, it is very important that you are honest in your application, so you can be matched with a company that would consider hiring you despite past convictions.

Get your CDL (commercial driver's license). A CDL is required of every person who will be driving a truck that weighs more than 26,000 pounds and or transport of hazardous materials. CDL consists of a written exam and a driving test to ensure your ability to operate a commercial vehicle.

The US Department of Transportation requires examination as well: FMCSR, or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations exams. It includes a written test and a physical exam with vision and hearing evaluations. The exam is required every two years in order to maintain the truck driver job truck driving.

Trucking companies are required to carry out pre-employment and periodic drug tests following all truck drivers. Failing the test can result in immediate termination were not employed or if you are a current employee during that time.