What Are The Phrases of Creative Advertising?

The creative process is important in advertising because it helps to create a message that is relevant to the target audience. This process can involve many different stages, from coming up with ideas to creating the finished product. By following a specific process, advertisers can ensure that their campaigns are effective and resonant with consumers.

The three phases of the creative process in commercial are Initiation, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. Each phase has specific tasks and responsibilities that need to be completed in order to bring a successful advertising campaign to life. 

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Initiation is when the idea for the advertising campaign is conceived. This could be a spontaneous thought or it could be based on research that has been done previously. The goal of initiation is to get the creatives started on developing the idea into a reality. 

Development is when the creatives start creating illustrations, graphics, and video content for the advertising campaign. This stage is where the creativity and imagination of the team come into play. They need to come up with an original idea that will grab attention and persuade people to buy the product or service being advertised. 

Implementation is when the creatives put all of their hard work together and create a final ad or advertisement. This stage involves ensuring that all of the creative content is properly formatted so it can be seen by as many people as possible. It also means making sure that all of the elements required by the client are included in the final product. 

Finally, implementation ensures that all of the feedback from users testing the advertisement is taken into account before releasing the final ad.