Why Should You Repoint Historic Buildings?

Brick repointing is a common method of repairing and restoring brickwork on historic buildings. The process involves replacing the bricks that have deteriorated or been damaged. This can improve the overall appearance of the building, reduce water damage, and protect the bricks from future deterioration.

Brick repairing in Sydney is also a cost-effective way to fix structural problems with a historic building. By fixing the bricks, you can prevent further damage and restore the building to its original condition.

If you are considering repointing your historic building, contact a professional contractor to get advice on the best technique and materials for your specific situation.

How to Repair Brick

Repairing brick repointing flaws on a historic building is an important step in preserving the structure. If left untreated, these small cracks and seams can eventually lead to greater damage. Here are a few tips for repairing brick repointing flaws: 

1. Remove any loose or damaged mortar with a trowel. Use a wire brush to clean away any existing dirt and debris.

2. Apply a thin layer of mortar over the damaged areas. Make sure to fill in all of the gaps and smoothen out the surface.

3. Allow the mortar to dry completely before using a brick mason to smooth out the surface. Working from the top down, use a trowel to create even layers of mortar until you reach the bottom of the crack.

4. Finish by using a brick mason to tamp down the mortar and create a smooth surface. Clean up any excess mortar with a wet rag, then let the area dry overnight before painting or coatings are applied.