Sydney’s Slate Roofing Made Easy

If you want to install a slate roof, it is highly recommended to do some research beforehand. Preparation is key to success, so before you begin, familiarize yourself with the type of slate, its manufacturing technique, trim, nailing, and slate materials and tools. First, make sure your roof is suitable for installing a slate roof.

Slate roofs may not be installed at a height of 4:12 (4 feet high by 12 feet). If your roof meets these requirements, consider purchasing the right slate tools and purchasing the slabs and other materials you'll need to get the job done. Since slate roofing is quite a complex undertaking, it would be recommended to contact professional slate roofing companies in Sydney before you decide to do it yourself.


Get the correct slating tools and use them. Your basic toolkit should consist of a slate ripper, a slate cutter, and a slate hammer. When cutting slates, use a slate cutter, not a diamond saw. The former will create a beveled edge on the slate which matches the look of all other slates, whereas a diamond blade produces a square edge that looks out of place.


Not all slates are created equal and you want the right slates for your roof. When choosing slates consider the type, quality, size, and thickness and their implications for your work. For example, thick slates are harder to cut while small slates take longer to install as there will be more of them.

Make sure the slates have the nail holes in the right place. The holes should be positioned in such a way that you can get the nails in just above the head of the underlying slate. If the nail holes are too low, you'll be nailing right through the head of the underlying slate and you should never do that as it can create leaks.

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