Skin Tightening – What Exactly Happens?

There are plenty of products and treatments that can tighten the skin without having to go through painful surgery. They produce moderate results by sending heat deep into the skin. The heat makes some tissue tighten up immediately and tells the body to start making new collagen.

When this happens, the skin looks tighter, and these procedures require very little downtime if any. Your leading dermatologist can advise you on whether this kind of treatment will benefit you and your overall look. It is always recommended that before undergoing this treatment, you must check the complete facial aesthetics price list.

Infrared laser, pulsed infrared light, and radiofrequency are some of the more common technologies that are used to tighten skin without using surgery. Using these techniques, most patients choose to firm the forehead and cheeks, lift the eyebrows, tighten the jowls and neck, reduce wrinkles around the eyes, diminish the appearance of cellulite, and tighten skin on the abdomen.

You will be able to see an improvement after your very first session, with the continued improvement which will be noticeable for up to a year when a series of treatments are done. Most people have seen improvements within four to six months. Also, with the continuous improvement in technology, more areas of the body can be treated and positive results are being seen by patients.

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