SEO Services: What You Need To Know in 2021

When putting together SEO services quote, I want to be realistic and clear with you.

Working on a guarantee of search engine results is not fair on an SEO consultant or grounded in the reality of how Google works.

There is a whole range of factors and variables that come in to play when Google decides how to place your site listing and often your site will show up higher or lower in search results depending on a user’s recent browsing, current search trends and spikes in traffic to other sites.

SEO services

Think about it this way – SEO is about having the best possible search engine placement on average overtime with consistent improvement, not about always outdoing your competitors or being in the first few results. However, what a skilled SEO consultant can offer you to give you faith in their work before changes are implemented and evidence of good results after implementing best practice optimisation is well measured and presented user data and metrics. This way you can see what SEO practices you have implemented in your site that brings traffic likely to spend money with your business and what strategies have attracted the wrong kind of traffic or have not been successful in improving Google’s faith in your site providing a good product to their customers.

So now that you have a better understanding of how Google direct traffic to sites in the same way your local hardware store would only recommend a tradesman they trust to do a good job for you, this is what an SEO services quote needs to do while still meeting your budget.

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