SEO Guide: Buy Backlinks Cheap to Increase Page Rank

The most significant factor in website marketing is to buy this that points directly to your web site, which can be termed as cheap backlinks. Buying backlinks is certainly the single most important task you do as a web marketer to become successful. The major benefit of backlinks is, it helps you in creating quality traffic for your web site. It's not only vital for Search Engine Optimization but also, helps you in creating more meaningful relationships with your targeted audience.

Let's take a closer look at how backlinks work:

The process of purchasing backlinks begins with a bid from a website owner or blogger. The owner/blogger then decides to host a guest post (also called a guest post) on their website. This guest post will have an Author Signature box whereby the website owner or blogger can bid for the backlink(s) and place them on their website(s).

Now, you might wonder why these two major search engines let the article directories host those posts when they are also doing the same thing themselves. Well, the main reason is that search engines like Google love 'dofollow' links. Dofollow links simply mean that if you click on the link and it takes you straight to the owner's site/blog, Google will assign a rank to that link. As you can see, by purchasing backlinks you will get a good ranking for your website/webpage on the major search engines.

Hence, if you bid on article directories, you are indirectly bidding for backlinks to your website. You see, if you are doing well on the internet site Search Engine Optimization, it stands to reason that there must be lots of other webmasters out there who are doing quite well as well. Therefore, the search engines like Google and Yahoo will give more value to your site when you buy backlinks cheaply. It really does make sense.

However, it may not always work this way. Sometimes you just may find a couple of marketers who are bidding on the same keyword and are getting top rankings for it. In such a case, the keyword may not appear on many sites and it may not receive many search engine results. This is one of the reasons why internet marketers pay to have their links on popular pages.

However, what if you are using a web directory service to buy backlinks cheaply? Is it still worth it? You may ask. Well, there are good and bad points about contextual links. If you want to get proven results and be ahead of your competitors, you need to choose carefully.

One thing that is always a problem with buying inbound links is the number of websites linking back to you. Some websites do this just to receive traffic, whereas other websites do it because they want to get higher rankings in search engine results. In the case of websites aiming for the top positions in Google and other search engines, you need to get as many inbound links as possible. However, you should also follow certain rules and guidelines. In other words, you should use anchor text to link to other websites.

In other words, you should use anchor text to link only to other websites that will benefit your rankings. If you buy backlinks cheap, you may not necessarily get the best ranking for your site. In fact, you may just end up getting a low ranking. However, if you want to rank at the top and benefit from the much sought after Search Engine Optimization' (SEO) advantages, you need to buy as many backlinks as you can to make sure that you can maintain the ranking momentum that will lead to better page rankings and ultimately higher profits.

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