Repairing Your Model Train Transformers

The failure of the transformer is a common problem with model trains. If trains are left unattended for too long, they can become brittle. What do you do if this happens? Either you pay someone to fix it or you spend your hard-earned money to buy a new one. 

You might consider fixing it yourself if neither of these options appeals to you. You will only need a little time and a bit of money. You will soon be able to say you can fix them yourself. You can also find various railway track reconstruction firms online.

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Before you can get started, you will need to gather a few items. Each of these items will be needed throughout your hobby of model railroading, so it's a good idea that you get them all together and keep them in a separate place. A pair of wire strippers, a pair of tweezers, spare wire in different gauges, oxidation remover, and screwdrivers are all you will need.

You now have the tools to identify what transformer repair is needed. Plugin the transformer carefully and listen for any noises. If noise is coming from the transformer but not the train, then the track contacts need to be cleaned.

After you've done that, run your train again. If the transformer appears to be dead, you'll need to unplug the plug and access the case. Use the appropriate screwdriver to open the case. Be careful not to damage any transformer parts. You must ensure that your feet are properly grounded while you do this to avoid accidental discharge.

Make sure to inspect for any missing, damaged, frayed, or loose wires. You should also ensure that they are free from oxidation.

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