Online ERP Software – Serial Number Monitoring

You may need to track the serial numbers of finished goods to comply with product recall requirements within your sector.

It would be a good idea to have your Online Great Plains ERP system or ERP system available to do this, especially since that is where all the information about goods transactions is stored. You can get the services of EDI integration software via

This is something that many methods are not capable of achieving.

Online financial software has influenced the way that accountants live. These software systems are hosted on the Internet by a web server. It is accessible from any web browser and can be accessed across all geographies.

Dynamics GP Online ERP software can track serial numbers starting with item receipt and ending at the client or another end-user.

If you have an item that can be controlled using a serial number or lot num, Dynamics GP ERP will not allow you to move it without assigning the right serial number or lot num.

You can add ISV solutions to Microsoft Dynamics GP, including MICR check printing and Sales Tax Integration. Employee expense tracking and State Payroll are all possible.

Integration of taxes and other popular solutions

Dynamics GP can use SharePoint and Business Portal for customer order entry, time and expense entry, and human resources self-service.

It can integrate with custom or other external solutions, such as billing solutions or e-commerce websites. It can be used with multiple languages and single or multiple databases.

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