Main Feature Of Blockchain Technology

Initially, the blockchain was a record, decentralized by the bitcoin exchange that took place in the organization for bitcoin. A decentralized or scattered or allocated database basically implies a capacity device in which the data set is not associated with a regular processor. You can also learn more about blockchain at

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Each box is marked with a time and then linked to the last box to be important to the blockchain. People kept their important records in front of computers, made many copies of them, and kept them in impenetrable steel vaults that covered the state treasury or bank vaults. As an added security measure, decrypt each of these archives in a secret language that no one but you can understand. Whether someone is looking for a way to break into your bank and take your belongings, they may not get your fragile message that you actually have plenty of stock elsewhere.

Blockchain puts this idea on steroids. Imagine that you and many other colleagues can duplicate each of your documents, encrypt them with unusual programs and store them in state-of-the-art bank vaults one on top of another on the Internet.

Extraordinary documents mixed with encryption programs so that only certain people can understand them, are stored on standard computers connected to each other through organizations or the Internet. These documents are known as records – they specifically record your information.

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