Know About Karate Uniforms

Although karate is an ancient art, its modern form is relatively new. It can be traced back to Master Kigoro Kano who founded Kodo-kan Judo in the late 19th century. Kano designed the karate gi, an adaptation of that uniform.

A white cotton canvas is used for the standard karate. Although the thickness of the material may vary, uniforms made from 10-14 oz cotton canvas are recommended. Heavier material is more suited for the demands of karate training. It also absorbs sweat better, which helps to keep the body cool during training sessions. You can easily buy karate costume online.

Drako HW Karate Gi

Karate uniforms consist of three pieces of clothing: a jacket, pants, and a belt. The Uwa-gi jacket and Zubon pants are made to be loose and comfortable to allow for a lot of movement. Obi is used to both show rank and keep the jacket closed.

There are two types of karate gi: tournament cut and traditional cut. Traditional cut uniforms are designed to reach the ends of the arms or legs. The tournament cut uniform leaves the forearms exposed and much of the shin exposed. The tournament cut helps reduce the chance of tripping or other interferences that can occur with a traditional cut.

Many myths surround the history of the Obi (or karate belt) and its origins. Legends tell us that the various colored Obi used in the ranking system is part of a deeper, more mystical philosophy. Truth is much more practical.

Internationally recognized as a symbol of martial arts, the karate uniform is now a well-known symbol. They are a perfect blend of function and form, just like martial arts.

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