Is Child Immunization Really Necessary?

Many doctors will tell you that vaccinations are an essential part of your life. However, injecting everyone with a dose of an illness to make them more resistant seems quite barbaric. The question is, are childhood vaccines necessary or just a way for doctors to make a lot of money? This is a difficult question to answer.

Doctors from Omega Pediatrics believe that immunizations are essential and life-saving. Doctors believe that shots are needed to prevent illness. However, they only convince the body to fight the disease by giving it a low dose. In some cases, it may cause a buildup of resistance. The federal government quickly dismissed concerns about vaccinations after a link was made between vaccines and Autism.

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However, they were concerned about the high number of Autism cases and the fact they couldn't deny that any of them could be attributed at least in part to vaccinations. They instead claimed that it was a hoax to avoid having to pay millions in lawsuits. Many Americans have concerns about vaccines in third-world countries.

However, the problems are far more complex. Many Americans have stopped getting their children vaccinated because of a decreased need for vaccines. The need for vaccines goes up in countries with contaminated water supplies, insects, and people who are suffering from deadly diseases. 

These countries pose a higher risk to the people living there, so vaccinations are not recommended. These are the most dire circumstances where vaccinations are necessary. Vaccinations are life-saving and potentially deadly. One should carefully consider whether they will be beneficial to them or detrimental. 


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