How To Teach Nonsense Words In Charlotte?

Nonsense or silly words are a big thing in early education these days, and practitioners are looking for more ways to teach them successfully. Meaningless words can be learned through a series of adult-led and more independent play. Start by using some sounds that children are very familiar with.

Experiment with strange combinations and say these words. There are many tutors available that also provide the nonsense word assessment facility.

Let's take a look at some fun ways to the teaching of nonsense words:

1. Use phoneme frames

Phoneme frames are one of the best ways for children to read words as they begin. The phoneme frame is just a grid of three squares. A box where you can place sounds to form words. This is a great structured way to teach kids how to form words.

2. Use of the phonic cube

This is another beautiful natural resource. They started life as fence posts that I cut into cubes. All you have to do is sand the edges a little so that nothing gets dirty.

All you need is three dice to play this game. If you don't have wood or don't want to cut it, another large cube can be used.

3. Making noise on screws and teeth

It's great for fine motor skills and, in general, fantastic for kids who enjoy doing things. All you need are some big tooth screws – in my opinion, the bigger the better. You need at least three gears.

Then, with the help of a permanent pen, write the sound in the teeth. Again, I will have two consonant teeth and one vowel tooth. Then tighten the teeth on the bolts so that they become consonants, vowels, consonants.

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