How To Clean and Care for Commercial Trash Cans

Trash Cans can be beautiful if they are cleaned and maintained. Old garbage trash cans tend to rust so they have a bad image but with proper care they can last decades. This article talks about how to wash and keep your commercial garbage trash cans fresh so that it could have a better look.

Keeping commercial trash cans clean is something that is common practice in most businesses, especially those in high-traffic areas. It is important that the commercial trash cans are kept clean because dirty garbage cans lead to a lot of problems. Clean garbage cans are much more pleasant and they lead to a better first impression of your business to customers. For example, if you provide food service it's generally easier for people to notice clean trash cans than dirty ones. If trash can liners provide any help, then dirty trash cans also create a false perception of uncleanliness (for instance, something spilled in front of the sticky bin). 

When it comes to commercial trash cans, you need to be sure that you are taking care of them and have them cleaned on a regular basis. These trash cans will be used in commercial areas such as office buildings and stores. You have to make sure that they aren’t overflowing with trash, or the customers and or employees may complain or stop using them altogether.

Tips To Clean and Care for Commercial Trash Cans

1. Maintain your reputation

Baking soda, vinegar and these few other ingredients are very useful in cleaning and caring for commercial trash cans. Trash can is a thing that pollutes the environment if it's not perfectly treated. Baking soda, vinegar and these few other ingredients will make a combination that works great to clean and maintain commercial trash cans.

If you neglect your trash can maintenance, you’ll invite the following risks into your business:

  • Bad odors that permeate the surrounding area
  • Viruses and infections that spread more quickly
  • Pests (such as rats, fruit flies, and cockroaches) that are attracted to odors and spills
  • Additional costs of replacing damaged trash cans

2. Eliminate stains and spills

Trash cans are not just a way to store trash, or liquid waste. They can protect your flooring and safeguard your home. If you notice any leaks or smells, the source may be within your trash container. There are different types of water damage that can result from overlooked leaks. Some trash cans are more prone to leakage than others, but this problem can be solved with a simple upgrade.

Eliminate stains and spills with our programmable Commercial Trash Cans. Each pull of the handle triggers the infrared sensor to automatically open the lid making it effortless to dispose of trash.

3. Fight germs

Fighting germs has never been so fun or visually appealing! That’s the premise behind the Clean  trash can by designer Lee Sang-bong. This garbage can features a cute little songbird that administers a spray of clean water to its surroundings after you toss in your dirty tissues, old banana peels and anything else you don’t want infecting the world around you. Even though the birdie is a little bit ugly, we still like him enough to invite him over for tea. And since he keeps our home free of gross germs, we’re even willing to share our cake with him!

Trash Cans are widely used indoors, so they can contain lots of germs. If you want to remove germs from trash bins, you need to sanitize them frequently by using chemical cleaners or detergents. You can also apply a cleaner with vinegar and water to clean the exterior of a commercial trash can.

4. Remove odors

The best way to remove bad odors from a trash can is by thoroughly cleaning your can with mild soap and water, then leaving it open and letting the air flow through. Baking soda can help with tough odors, sprinkle a little in the bottom of your trash can at night before you go to bed, let it sit overnight and use fresh baking soda in the morning.

Nobody likes a dirty trash can. There are two things that go hand in hand — garbage and smells. When you have a garbage smell, it’s time to get the trash bin ready. The trash bin can either be inside your home or outside in the backyard. A clean trash bin will help with any odor issues you might have. Having an odor free house is what everyone wants and I will give some tips on cleaning it.

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