High Intensity Interval Training – For Real Weight Loss

Ever wanted to lose unwanted body fat in just two weeks with little or no effort? If so, you can read another presentation because you won't get the answer in that presentation.

However, there is a revolutionary approach to weight loss that simultaneously attracts and removes unwanted fat before you fall asleep on the treadmill from boredom. You can also get information about intensity interval training through the web.

Per Week Should You Do

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However, high-intensity interval training is not for everyone. As the name suggests; The workout is so intense that it hurts your legs and lungs and makes you scream with muscle gain. 

Still, the results are amazing and worth the sweat and heart beat. It has been scientifically proven that high-intensity interval training helps burn 9x more unwanted fat than those who train the traditional way.

Methods for high-intensity interval training

Interval training usually involves running. To increase the interval, the coach performs a short distance sprint, then changes direction and returns to the starting point to repeat the process. It takes time and effort to break the 10 minute mark.

Then immediately do another moderate activity, run for about 1 minute, then do another sprint. To burn extra calories, repeat this process as many times as possible. When first starting, try to last a total of 5 minutes after warming up.

Other recommended exercises:

Optional exercises for this type of exercise can usually include a stationary bike, jump rope, or anything that allows you to use explosive movements.

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