Five Features Every Convertible Car Seat Should Have

When it comes to car seats for kids under 20lbs, you will find two types, which are infant seats and convertible seats. The latter category can face forward and backward and is meant for kids weighing up to 70lbs. These seats can also be used as booster seats at a later stage, which is why these are called 3-in-1 car seats. If you are planning to buy a convertible car seat, then you can go through reviews of the 10 best convertible car seats by consumer reports. Make sure the convertible car seat you buy has the following five features.

  1. Latch and Tether – Safety is of paramount importance, so make sure the convertible car seat you are buying comes with a latch and tether system. A latch system involves hooks and anchors on the top of the backside of the convertible car seat and the tether is the region where the bottom cushion meets the backrest of the car.
  2. Ease of installation – A convertible car seat should be easy to install because improperly installed convertible car seats can cause injuries to the child and even worse. If your car seat comes with an instruction manual, then make sure you follow it as it is.
  3. Ease of cleanliness – A convertible car seat should be easy to clean, which is only possible if all of its parts are easy to remove and toss in a washing machine. As babies sit on these seats, spills and splashes are very common.
  4. Comfort – This is another important factor that you can’t ignore. A convertible car seat should be comfortable to let your baby move his/her arms and legs easily. Adequate padding should be there on the head and back region for your baby’s comfort.
  5. Cost – When a convertible car seat fulfills all the aforementioned parameters, then it comes down to pricing. If you are getting a convertible seat at your budget, which has all the necessary features that you want, then go for it right away.

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