Drywood Termite Control Methods

Drywood termites are famed for their uncanny capacity to destroy and harm furniture and wooden products. Unlike other species, these kinds of wood eaters need an extremely minimal quantity of moisture so as to survive. A significant issue with this particular species is that fleas don't become evident until the problem has hit a bigger scale.

Drywood infestations can be addressed through the utilization of whole house therapy, or spot treatments like termite control in apex, nc . House remedies are only necessary when the colony has assaulted the construction of the house, whereas place treatments are only completed in a particular place.


Fumigation is a perfect method once a whole home demands therapy. The procedure effectively kills roughly 99 percent of the issue and takes approximately two weeks to attain the best outcomes.

This system is performed by wrapping the whole arrangement within a gas-tight tarp. After this is secured, gasoline is pumped through the construction to be able to take care of each nook and cranny in the house. While the procedure is very effective, the gasoline has proven to be poisonous to animals, people and plants, and the construction has to stay empty throughout the procedure.

Heat Treatment

This way is a place treatment in which the affected things or regions are coated in vinyl or polyethylene sheets. Then, temperature probes are added within the cover, making an inordinate quantity of heat through using a propane high-output heater, effectively eliminating the issue.

Cold Treatment

Another helpful place therapy is a method involving the use of liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen is a fantastic way to take care of hard to reach areas like wall voids or other enclosures in structures. The chemical is pumped to the places that act to freeze and kill the issue.



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