Dog Training Tips – Rules For Dog Trainers And Dog Owners

Similar to other human endeavors, the success of dog training and behavior modification efforts that involve both the dog trainer and the dog owner depend on acceptance of responsibility and good communication. Here are some dog training tips and  rules for such situations.

For starters make sure to inquire as numerous insightful and clear questions of the dog's owner as you can. It is essential when the dog trainer needs to gain a thorough knowledge of the dog prior to beginning the first dog training session to get a good start. There is never a second chance to make an impression with your dog.

As a dog owner, you have the responsibility to be detailed in both the good and the bad of your pet. Only then can the dog instructors in Boulder CO fully diagnose the problem and take the best corrective action. You should also express all your expectations so that they can be met.

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Some areas you should cover and expand on include:

1- Historical information about your dog –– Age, how old was he when he was adopted, where did you get him, etc.

2- The dog's behavior problem — Full description, how it manifests itself, under what circumstances and how often.

3- What happened the first time? — What did the dog do first, how did you handle it then and later, how did the dog respond, how old was the dog, other factors, and how much has the behavior increased since then?

4- What have you done about it since then? — Also, what have other family members done about it, what are you doing now, how has the dog reacted each time, etc.?

5- Information about your dog's environment and exhibits  — For example, your home, yard, dog gate and yard freedom or always on leash, neighborhood, parks, other pets, other family members and ages, kennel trained etc.

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