Cleaning Your Piercing With Full Care

While ear piercings are the most common, you might find them cute the first time you get them. Expect a little sting while the piercing is fresh – you just ripped your flesh – but for the most part, you shouldn't mind your new shine. Bleeding, bruising, and redness are also common symptoms to expect with a new piercing. You may feel itching or peeling during treatment, which is also normal.

While it's widely believed that rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and Neosporin are good for cleaning ear piercings, these three products can do more harm than good. Instead, use antibacterial soap or H2Ocean, a piercing aftercare spray by after inked, to clean the area.

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To clean your ear piercing, wash your hands first as described above. Then, gently slide your earring forward to create a space between the earlobe and the strap so you can reach the hole directly. Do the same for the back.

If you clean with antimicrobial soap, you can clean the area daily with a cotton swab or mix it up and put it in a spray bottle. Do this twice a day. 

As with any ear piercing, you should treat your cartilage twice a day. Spray the area with sterile saline to wash the wound. You can even squirt a little on a piece of gauze and let your piercing soak in.

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