Choosing Wall Art Scenery That Goes With Wall Color

People’s homes are different. Some have smooth walls, others are coarsely textured. Other homes have modern feels to them and sport expansive walls that need something to fill the space. 

Hanging home decor, abstract art, framed photos and prints, tapestries, and other pieces of art are the icing on the cake to any interior space. Hanging wall art scenery draws the attention of your viewers and adds personality to a particular space.

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There are ways to choose your wall art according to the wall color:

1. Order your wall art based on undertones

Undertones in the art are the basic qualities of the big picture. Dark blue undertones would look gorgeous on light blue walls, even if the latter color is not actually present in the wall art.

2. Add emphasis on an art piece with frames

You don’t have to stick to the traditional colors or neutrals like black or white, and gold or silver. Feel free to choose a complementary hue.

3. Stark and bright colors

Neon colors and bright hues stand out in quality against a neutral background. You can also add art to your room that makes use of colors that are already present in the walls. Sticking to consistent color palettes has never stirred anyone wrong, and some people like a good monochromatic scheme.

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