Buy Pilot Supplies From a Pilot Shop: Is It Better Than Getting Them From Your Flight School?

When I started my aviation training, I didn't know what a pilot shop was. I didn't know that I could get all the products and supplies I needed online from a pilot shop. Thus I spent twice as much on pilot supplies from my flight school than what I would have expended on a pilot shop. I ended with gear that I didn't need or that was not practical during flight.

For example, I bought the watch from my flight school, I quickly realized that the watch quality is not at all good, then I went to a pilot shop and bought a watch I was comfortable with, for half of the price I paid to the flight school. If you are looking for the best aviation supplies visit

aviation supplies

Learning to fly can cost a lot of money. Student pilots often need to pay not only for airplane rental and flight instructor time but also for pilot supplies like logbooks, aviation headsets, flight computers, aeronautical charts, training textbooks, and a flight bag to carry it all.

Flight schools often sell those items at a steep price, and naïve student pilots often buy them from their flight schools on account that they supposedly know better about what a pilot needs and what the best pilot supplies are. Nothing is farther from the truth. Pilot shops offer you better deals on pilot supplies and a bigger selection.

Buying your pilot supplies online can save you a lot of money. And that is money that you can use for airplane time. Also, an online pilot shop will offer a bigger selection of pilot supplies than what you can find at any flight school.

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