Best Snorkeling on the Big Island

If you're on vacation to the Big Island, we hope you've made some room for snorkelling on your route. Trust us when we tell you this is one of the best moments you will ever have, as long as you prepare properly and know where to go.

The best snorkelling spots have a few things in common. First, they are protected from larger fractures. It's quite difficult to snorkel when the waves are crashing all around you! However, if you are on land, in this case, you will see a live aquarium. Often you will see tropical fish hurling themselves into the waves in the fault zone. You can avail the benefits of the best snorkelling at

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Then the best snorkelling spots have a kind of coral reef. These coral reefs provide shelter and food for eels and the tropical fish species you'll see as you glide through the water.

Before you get to our favourite spots, here's a quick list of things you need to make your day as comfortable as possible:

o Equipment: A mask, flippers and a snorkel are all you need (although a swimsuit will keep you popular). Buy the kit from Costco or Walmart, not the local store.

 o Sunscreen: And more! The back and hind legs are very exposed when snorkelling; You don't want burning to be your greatest memory of the day!

The main attraction of this area is that the reef that houses the animals is very long – the entire reef stretches for several miles. This is a lot of real estates and you will find lots of fish on the expanse.

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