All You Need to Know About Cocktail Shakers

This is an inevitable bar accessory in any party without which party would be incomplete. A good cocktail not only impresses your guests at the party but is also an art to do so. You can make your cocktail just by adding the ingredients and some ice to the shaker and shaking it well.

Buy copper metal cocktail shake from our online store elementary to make the cocktail preparation hassle-free. The key feature of our shaker is that it comes with a lid and a strainer along with a lid for blending the drink completely. A two-piece Boston shaker and, a piece best cocktail shaker set is a must-have these days to run the party smoothly.

Bar Tools

Making a perfect drink requires much more than drinks and cocktail shakers which include all the essential bar tools. Bar tools help in mixing and serving the drinks in less time. Cocktail shakers, bottle openers, corkscrews, and measuring cups and glasses are must-have bar tools for your party.

Purchase it from our online store so that it gets delivered right away to your home in a short time to transform your home into a sassy bar.

Buy this combo of bar tools from our online store to have a well-organized party. The set includes a measuring cup, bottle opener, and stirrer along with a cocktail shaker to create that decked-up look for your home bar. The specialty about purchasing from elementary is our bar tools are purely handcrafted and food safe which is recommended for your guests.

Silver Brass Peg Measure

This sustainable bar tool looks chic and, adds a style statement to your bar that makes it a preferred choice for all bartenders. The 60 ml variant helps to serve the drinks for guests who prefer large drinks. 

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