Aerating a Lawn in Maryland: Benefits and Procedures of Lawn Aeration

One of the best things you can do for your lawn is to aerate it once in a while. Lawn aeration lowers the compaction, controls thatch, and improves the overall rooting of grass and plants. The procedure involves removing plugs of dirt from your lawn in order to promote penetration of water, oxygen, and fertilizer carrying needed nutrients to the roots. 

You can use aerating shoes that push the soil into the ground, core aerators do a better more complete job. You can find the best lawn aeration services in Maryland or lawn care services via an online search.

 best lawn aeration services in Maryland

The average lawn will benefit from one lawn aeration each year. The best time of the year to have the procedure done is right before the growing season. If it gets a lot of foot traffic it may need to be done twice a year, since walking on it compacts the earth more. The fall and spring would be great times to have the lawn aerated.

Lawns composed of grasses that flourish in warm weather may be aerated in the summer. The one thing to remember about summer aeration is that the lawn will need plenty of water. To get the best plugs you should aerate a moist lawn. The soil clumps together better when moist leaving a clean hole.

The thatch build-up will be greatly reduced if you leave the plugs on the lawn to dry and break apart naturally. This way you are not losing the lawn soil content. If you and the neighbors get along well, splitting the cost of a rental would work out well for saving money. With a walk-behind machine, you can do several small lawns in a day. If you cannot DIY, most lawn services have this procedure on their lists of services offered.

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