A Special Feature of An Effective Corporate Wellness Program

Many people believe that health, happiness and productivity are linked in many ways and that their employer has the option of promoting all three with a corporate fitness program for the benefit of all.

While most organizations take steps to promote the health and well-being of their employees, very few – only 7% of organizations – call for "comprehensive programs". The results of such a program are better than usual.

A Special Feature of An Effective Corporate Wellness Program

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Creating a healthy workforce

Corporate wellness programs typically help employers manage health care costs and increase productivity by creating a healthier workforce. Such programs provide employees with access to tools and resources to improve their health and reduce the risk of developing chronic disease.

Practical and affordable program

 The wellness program, led by some of the city's best nutritionists, offers a variety of scheduled programs. These could be yoga classes, lunch stress management seminars covering everything from sleep to work-life balance to financial health, fitness issues, and weight loss initiatives.

 Health is integrated into the corporate structure

 Management in the organization must see it as a cohesive unit that is seamlessly connected to safety, benefits, human resources, and other infrastructure elements in the workplace.

Beyond conventional health programs

 Experts assume that the development of such health programs will develop during the reform of the health system. Many companies now offer universal wellness programs for individual disease prevention programs for those at risk for chronic disease.

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